As long as I can remember, a day without using my hands in a creative way just isn’t complete. As a kid, whenever asked what I was going to do when I grew up, my reply was always “be an artist.” Over the years, I’ve done work in almost every medium a person can encounter. After high school, I attended the University of Northern Iowa where I finally landed on metalsmithing. And so began my love of jewelry making.

Today, I make art jewelry pieces using predominantly sterling silver, copper, and some natural stones. I love to shape the metals until they take the form of my design vision. After working in metals for over 20 years, I have developed a close relationship with my tools and the materials. I know the exact outcome of each hammer strike, bend with a plier, and using the torch to achieve the perfect solder. I find the sometimes tedious process of jewelry making to be a kind of meditation. It’s magical to see the pieces start from a simple idea in my mind and transform into tangible objects. I find inspiration in emotions, daily life experiences, and interactions with people. Each piece is a direct reflection of my inner thoughts. So viewing my work is much like a visual diary with a vocabulary all my own. Once completed, wearing each piece becomes a way to share my point of view and emotions that goes beyond simply adorning the body. Yes, I do wear each piece at least once. People may not be able to translate my visual vocabulary. However, it is my hope that I am creating something that others can extract their own personal message from to be released upon wearing.

I live in Lincoln, Nebraska with my 2 kids, Jake and Becca, and our 2 dogs, Ducky and Dottie. Currently, I balance motherhood, working full time for a nationally known jewelry artist, and creating my own designs in my home studio.